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Personal Profile

Technical Skills

German, limited French (English mother tongue)
C# on .NET (3 years), C++ with STL (12 years), C (12 years), SQL (5 years) Awareness of Java, VB, Scripting
COM (inc. Shell Extensions, 7 years), XML, ATL, MFC (9 years), OLE, ODBC
OO, Multi-threading, Language Idioms, Design Patterns
SharePoint, SQL Server, Visual Studio (8 years)
UML/RUP, Agile techniques, e.g. Pair Programming and TDD with NUnit, Full Product Lifecycle, Configuration Control, Requirements Capture/Analysis, DB Design/Admin

Key Achievements

People Skills


10/08 - Date
Senior Collaboration Project Leader at itsystems, Basle

itsystems is a small dynamic company growing fast. My role is to liaise with customers to define their needs, in the field of workflow, document management and collaboration projects, often using SharePoint

I create project requirements, specifications, and budgets and manage the implementation and deployment of the finished product, together with on-going maintenance and change requests. Managing customer expectations is key to successful projects and winning repeat business

01/06 - 9/07
Software Developer/Product Manager at UBS, Zurich

Member of the Windows Integrated Systems Engineering Tools team. This is a global team (line manager and colleagues sit in USA), responsible for a number of solutions to integrate different aspects of the Bankís IT infrastructure. I was responsible for two products. One is a web-based tool to help IT administrators schedule software installation and monitor the results. Written in C# and ASP.NET, with a SQL Server back end, I provided the implementation as well as managing the requirements and delivery schedule for the project, and customer expectations

The second was a system for verifying software packages conform to company standards, and do not clash with any other packages. This is an ASP web front end, with C++ service running over a SQL Server database

I also provided direct and second line support to customers of the products, and work with colleagues to provide a central team SharePoint website to manage the teamís resources

06/05 - 12/05
Break (holiday and relocating)
09/03 - 06/05
Contract - BAe Systems, Filton, Bristol

Member of the Bowman Core Implementation team. The Company produces CMIS, the software configuration tool for the Army's next generation of digital communication equipment. The role is to provide design and implementation input to the product's core framework. Using VC++, MFC, STL and COM in a multi-threaded environment

Additionally, I identified a number of areas in which the Development Team should look to improve, both in terms of code design and writing, and process

Contract - Toplevel Computing, Stroud

Specifying, researching and writing a COM component in C++ to translate RTF files into the Company's own internal file format

02/03 - 07/03
Break (holiday and property development)
8/00 - 01/03
Senior Software Engineer at ARTiSAN Software Tools, Cheltenham

ARTiSAN took the SELECT Enterprise product and tailored it for the real-time market, creating Real-time Studio (RtS). The small, crack development team added several user-driven features which were highly complex, such as model-aware rich text, source code control integration, and a new family of code synchronizers, of which I was a key architect

7/97 - 7/00
Team Leader at SELECT Software Tools (later Aonix UK), Cheltenham

SELECT produced an Enterprise-scale Modeling Tool (SELECT Enterprise) for the Component Based Development (CBD) market. It is a three-tier application sitting on a repository. My role was in the Core Development team. Core technology is an abstraction of all the qualities generic to the products the company sells, and is used to build specific products very quickly and reliably

As the company produces Enterprise, a best-of-class modeling tool, staff there had ample opportunity to use it in everyday work and I have been on several in-house training courses on UML, Modeling and Methodologies

4/95 - 6/97
Software Engineer at Toplevel Computing, Stroud

Produced an Outliner called ThinkBlox, a slimline word processor for structured documents (similar to outline view in Word, but easier to use). This was for a company called AlphaBlox. It involved the refactoring of the company's in-house word processing technology and combining it with a full OLE Client/Server MFC application

I then joined the team re-writing the Office Forms product where my pioneering 32-bit and MFC work gave me the ability to advise the team and implement some of the key use cases

Additionally, maintenance/enhancement of in house C/Assembler-based software, including low-level drivers and printing routines

05/92 - 03/95
IT Project Manager - Local Footwear Manufacturer

Initially as a job in between further education courses, I was brought in as a Project Manager for the deployment of a third party manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) tool. I managed requirements with the supplier, as well as installation, training and hardware needs

I then became in charge of the whole IT requirements of the company, managing the 15 workstation network, as well as writing an in house database to interface with the third party product above. This involved reporting to the board of directors and budget management


York University
1993 - 94
MSc in Music Technology (MusTech)
Government-sponsored IT conversion course
Cambridge University
1991 - 92
Postgraduate Certificate in Design Manufacture and Management (ACDMM)
". to provide graduates with the technical skills, personal development and industrial experience they need."
1988 - 91
BA in Materials Science (Top 1st)
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
'S' Level (grade 1) Physics
'A' Levels (all A grade) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
'O' Levels including Maths and English

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